Death Potion

The story:

A very old sorcerer, known to be the wiser and best of them all, was called by the king to the castle to make him a very unusual and difficult demand.  The king had 3 beautiful daughters which he loved more than anything in the world, but he knew that a very bad witch wants to harm them and he feared for their lives, so he ordered the sorcerer to make each one of them a ring that protects them from evil. The sorcerer worked day and night, tried potions and spells until he got the perfect result: the white gold ring with white diamonds that shine like the sun and a big triangle opal in the middle of them. But it wasn’t just an ordinary rhinestone…if you looked at it and you had bad intentions towards the person wearing it, it would turn it’s colour in green, hypnotising and killing you instantly.


White gold 18 ct, Blue Opal, Diamonds

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