The story:

Probably no legendary sea monster was as horrifying as the Kraken. According to stories, this huge, many armed creature could reach as high as the top of a sailing ship and it could attack it by wrapping it’s arms around it. The crew would drown or be eaten by the Kraken. Make your love defeat anything that stands in it’s way by wearing the symbol of this powerful and fearless monster: an engagement ring handcrafted using 18 kt yellow gold and platinum, with an oval 1.1 ct sapphire, surrounded by 0.7 ct diamonds. You can also choose the wedding bands in the same style, made to complete the ring into an even more grandious and extravagant piece of art, also using yellow gold, 4 diamonds and 3 sapphires.


Yellow gold 18 ct, Platinum, Sapphire 1.1 ct, Diamonds 0.7 ct.

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